Tasteful In A Trap

Fact or fictitious, who knows where you’ll turn now. Swaying around like a bat out of hell, flapping your wings with furious abandon. Clapping and singing, and imprinted senseless mixture of a candidacy. They run into the wind, counting the blessings of frivolous damages. Explosive purification, mindless and laughing as you cannot see the broken system in the keyhole. It was blinded by blight, nearly brightened and managed to break out before you’ve been given time to. A wake up call, as you stand in the truth and bash your head down. Why can’t we keep track, without losing ourselves in the void. We cannot wind up in a hole of treasonous misery. Funds aren’t blank, they have ink of the integrals cannot be filled with wisdom. You can’t chase these feelings, wishing there was a way to fill dispensaries.

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Ravaged And Charred Inclusion

Set a fire high in the morning, make sure it burns the skin. It simmers once in awhile, cancerous and ferocious. Laughing as you implode within, decaying from the fruit you’ve grown. Running and screaming, did you keep it wrapped in a few shreds of lead. I hate that I can’t break it, fanning the flame as it intently find pleasure in passion of the ferocious madness.  Slamming its paws down on one’s throat, canned meat and bread have no wish in this fight. Shredded and wise are men, who cannot fathom this distance from the shore.  Struggling to lather and break into the barrier, with hope of a better stronger hold. Higher up and bleak, winds slash across the skyward. Mixed and heartfelt, matching the blades against the skin piercing of the fresh hold. We’d like to welcome you to the show, enjoy your stay in mediocrity.

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Lets Do It Again, Shall We?

You saw a color in my hand, capsules bursting in which there was tyranny. I cast out those shadows, in which a lie was negligent. It was plastered like a period in history, measured in a cup and slashed across like a burdened hand writing.  Were you committed, I couldn’t see it for myself certainly. I didn’t trust it, with the glass shards and magnified for your pleasure. Hopeless and never tried, you blissfully reach out for a hand but its snatched away of course. You hit your shot out of line, and contained the mask suffocating your extremes. Chills like a cold rain drop, running down your back end in a word of massive intrusions. Your ugliness makes you fearful, out and tired of whimsical transparency. You blindly search, running across the book without words, aimlessly filling the hoes of indecency.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy’s Revenge

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


Rarely are the second entries in long running horror franchises as good as the first one; we all know that. But also rarely are they such a horrendous tread downward in quality that you would swear it was a much later entry. Most horror sequels don’t get super bad until they reach the fourth or fifth movie, but A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 is an unfortunate exception.

Not only is this movie poorly written and a snore to sit through it also does everything it can to violate our understanding of Freddy’s lore. The first movie made it clear that Freddy Krueger can only inhabit your dreams and can only enter the real world when pulled out by the dreamer. In Part 2 Freddy has several scenes where he roams freely in the world of the awake and it is for no apparent reason. He is not pulled out or anything, he just sort of decides to come out of the dream world and into our own.

This movie supposedly takes place five years after the first one which would set it in 1989. This makes little sense when the later movies clearly take place in the mid eighties. This is just like Friday the 13th Part V all over again. If you remember in that movie it is nearly a decade since the previous film and yet the 80’s are alive and well even though for all intents and purposes we should be in the 90’s considering when these stories are supposed to take place. While I could say this is just a fault of slasher movies being their typically dumb selves this would not be true. Horror movies that continually revive dead villains by the mystical power of box office returns is not a new thing and most horror sequels like to be set years after the previous movies for some reason. I mean, take for example the classic Universal Mummy movies; if you went by how long a time later each one of those take place from the previous ones you would be forced to believe the final film in that series took place in the 1970’s. While I was not alive in the 70’s I am confident enough to say that most people were not wearing 1940’s garb at the time.
And while I may bitch about this there are even stupider flaws in Freddy’s Revenge that make the dubious timeline negligible.

The main character is a teenager named Jesse who moved into Nancy’s old house with his family. He and his girlfriend discover Nancy’s old diary in his closet and they read about her experiences with Freddy. While his girlfriend laughs it off Jesse believes the memoir because he himself has been having nightmares about Freddy. In these dreams Freddy tells Jesse to kill for him and many of these dreams end with him waking up somewhere away from his bedroom. Jesse becomes concerned that he may be being forced to kill for Freddy while sleep walking and it becomes confirmed that this is true when Freddy forces Jesse to murder a gym teacher in the school showers during after hours.

I must stop to say that I don’t get what it is that Freddy is trying to do in this film. In the previous movie and in the majority of the other sequels he is always stalking and killing children of the parents who killed him years ago. Freddy would have no beef with this gym teacher and Jesse’s family are newly moved into Springwood which means his family had nothing to do with Freddy Krueger’s death. Freddy is killing just for the fun of it in this movie. Revenge has nothing to do with it.

After forcing Jesse to kill a few more people Freddy suddenly emerges from Jesse’s body in a weird and honestly one of the few creative special effects sequences in this movie. This process effectively transforms Jesse into Freddy Krueger with the spiritual essence of Jesse laying dormant within the emerged Freddy. This is how Freddy comes into the real world and it makes no sense since he never does it again and he never tried it with Nancy, Glen, Tina, or Rod in the previous movie. If he can do this why doesn’t he do it more often? If it is simply because he is physically vulnerable in the real world then why does he do it at all in this one? Either way it makes no fucking sense.

Freddy then proceeds to crash a teen pool party slashing and slicing and dicing several partyers before abruptly leaving almost as quickly as he arrived. No reason is given. Everything Freddy does in this movie is so brainless. No rime or reason to it all. And I am serious that it is brainless even though Freddy does literally show his own brain to Jesse in a scene. He can show it all he wants, but I will be more impressed when he starts using it.

Eventually Freddy has a showdown with Jesse’s girlfriend in a warehouse where she brings Jesse back to the surface by appealing to his good side. When this happens Freddy is once again defeated and sent back to the dream world. I don’t know how my readers may feel, but I personally think Freddy being defeated by the power of love to be pretty fucking retarded.

But I think the thing I hate the most about this movie is not the lore contradictions or the stupid story. Rather the worst thing about this movie is that it doesn’t have very many creative dream sequences. One of the most visually appealing things about the A Nightmare on Elm Street series were the environments and sights shown in the dreams of Freddy’s victims. The labyrinthine boiler rooms, Gothic church ruins with creepy stain glass windows, infernal pits, and horrifying creatures that only 80’s practical effects can provide. Here we get only two really interesting sequences. The aforementioned scene where Freddy emerges from Jesse’s body is beautifully gruesome and there are these two dogs at the opening of the warehouse with creepy human faces sort of like that spider creature from The Thing. This is all we get and the rest is sadly lacklustre. This is an overall dull Freddy movie.

Before concluding this review I guess I should mention the purported homosexual subtext to the film’s plot. It’s been overanalysed to death by better reviewers than I am, but I did not wish to ignore it entirely.
The film is laced with subtle indications that Jesse is a closet homosexual who is overcompensating by dating his girlfriend in the movie. In one scene he almost has sex with her before having his tongue hideously transformed by Freddy. He leaves in a rush leaving her frustrated and confused. He then heads to a male friend’s house in the middle of the night, climbs through his window, wakes him, and tries to tell him what is going on. Some reviewers trying to play the armchair psychologist claim this is a subtle analogy of Jesse not being able to achieve sexual arousal toward females. Whether this analogy is hitting the nail on the head or not I think the most clear indication of a gay subtext is in a scene when Jesse leaves in the middle of the night and orders a beer at a bar. Everything inside the bar has a very strong S&M vibe and he encounters his gym teacher there who catches him ordering a drink and forces him to run laps in the school gym as punishment. It is mentioned earlier in the film by a student that the gym teacher was a homosexual who went to gay bars and so the evidence continues to pile up regarding Jesse’s own sexuality. If the gay subtext is there and not mere coincidence (which I doubt) I do not believe that is to say A Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2 is homophobic. I think the writers were trying to use the Freddy mythos to create an analogy for a homosexual male reaching puberty and discovering himself. This doesn’t, of course, redeem the film in my eyes, but it does add more to the movie’s legacy than simply being a shitty Freddy movie that goes against the lore.

Overall do I like this movie? No, I do not. It is boring, uncreative, and inconsistent. It contradicts the previous film and is further contradicted by following entries. It is even mentioned once in this movie that Nancy went insane after seeing her boyfriend killed by Freddy. However, Part 3 in the series ignores this completely when we see Nancy working at a hospital perfectly healthy. Of all the Freddy movies in the series this is the one that you can skip and lose nothing for it. Even Freddy himself won’t acknowledge this movie. In Freddy’s Dead there is a scene where he is counting off the various methods in which people tried to kill him. The power of love is not mentioned once.

A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

Contributor: Rick McGimpsey


Well, it is the month of Halloween again and time for another month of horror movie reviews. This year we are looking at the A Nightmare on Elm Street series: the last of what I consider The Big Three of slasher icons which includes Michael Myers and Jason Voorhees.

To say that the first Freddy movie is the best of the series is hardly a review, but it certainly is true that no Nightmare film following it ever quite topped it. The sequels with their higher budgets managed to showcase more creative and visually stunning sets and effects to bring Freddy’s victims’ nightmares to life, but they never quite reached the tense and fearsome sense of apprehension that the first movie offered. Who Freddy is and his motivations are clearly known to fans approaching the sequels which is their disadvantage. What all first entries in long horror franchises have that their sequels do not is mystery. And that mystery is a crucial part of the scare. First time viewers of A Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984 were treated to horrific depictions of nightmares in visually striking and nerve wracking detail and no one watching fully understand until later why and how these dreams were operating. Sometimes ignorance is the best catalyst of fear and the sequels lack this.
This is A Nightmare on Elm Street’s natural advantage as a first entry, but it also has other advantages inherent to itself. Most notably Freddy is actually scary in this movie. He is not the comedic, dark jokester that we got in the sequels full of personality and clownishness but devoid of being frightening. It’s impossible to be scared of something that makes you laugh and in the 1984 A Nightmare on Elm Street Freddy makes no one laugh. He hides in shadows, speaks only a small number of times, and becomes intimidating in his rage when thwarted.
And the infamous nursery rime spoken by ghostly children remains creepy since it is the harbinger of a scary entity rather than an evil clown who welcomes you to prime time before smashing your head into a TV. Bitch.

One, two, Freddy’s coming for you

The movie begins with several characters discovering that they are sharing similar dreams involving a man with a burned face luring them into a dark boiler room. When one of them, Tina, is killed in her sleep her boyfriend, Rod, is blamed initially for her murder and is arrested by the police. Tina’s friend, Nancy (played by Heather Langenkamp) is not convinced that Rod was guilty although her own boyfriend, Glen (played by Johnny Depp in his first film role) believes otherwise.
Shortly afterward Rod is killed by Freddy in his jail cell who uses the bed sheets to hang him. Rod’s death is ruled a suicide by the police and his innocence is never established.

Three, four, Better lock your door

It becomes apparent that Freddy, who is stalking Nancy and her friends in their dreams, has the advantage of preying on them in their most vulnerable state. She soon learns from her mother that Freddy Krueger was once a real man years ago who was a perverted child killer that was released from prison on a technicality. Many of the angry parents in Springwood decided to take justice into their own hands by setting fire to an abandoned warehouse Freddy was hiding in burning him to death. She also learns that there is a potential for pulling Freddy out of the dream world and into the real one when after an intense nightmare she wakes up and pulls out his dirty fedora.
Nancy realises that the spirit of Freddy is slaughtering in their dreams for revenge the children of the parents who killed him years ago. The seeming invulnerability of such a being does not stop Nancy from preparing for her next encounter with Freddy. She starts studying booby traps and other home defence methods which she hopes to use on him after she fully pulls him out of the dream world.
Further motivating her to stop Freddy, Glen who remains skeptical until the end is killed when Freddy pulls him into his own bed and the spews the blood and viscera onto his bedroom’s ceiling in a gory geyser. Cool!

Five, six, Grab your crucifix

Nancy sets her alarm to sound at a certain time and once she is asleep she has her final encounter with Freddy in the movie. Upon hearing her alarm she grabs him and pulls him into her bedroom in the real world. Here Freddy Krueger is vulnerable to all of the booby traps she had set in the house and he finds himself frequently pummeled, beaten, and burned by what Nancy prepared for him. Freddy rushes past Nancy while burning on fire and kills her mother before she can stop him.

Seven, eight, Gonna stay up late

Despite this things pan out well when Nancy suddenly turns her back on Freddy and declares that she no longer acknowledges his existence and she fears him no longer. This miraculously eliminates Freddy who cannot operate when he is not feared. I am uncertain how Nancy figured this would work, but this movie honestly doesn’t need to explain how anything works. I mean we already have a ghost killing teens in their sleep for revenge and yet it is not explained why other dead serial killers can’t just do this as well. Freddy Krueger was just special I guess. At any rate another unexplained bit of lore to add to the mix is that simply turning your back on Freddy and pretending he doesn’t exist will do him in. This leaves me hope that if I do the same thing to the Freddy’s Dead movie it will also go away.
The film ends with Nancy waking up and discovering that her mother and all her friends are still alive. She then leaves her house to ride along with her friends to school when the car suddenly becomes alive and drives them away screaming to someone unknown destination.

Nine, ten, Never sleep again.

This movie’s legacy has lived on, like with Halloween and Friday the 13th, to explosive heights of fandom. Go to any horror convention today and you will meet numerous people dressed up as Freddy Krueger. Robert Englund who immortalised the character in his role is still to this day a fan favourite at conventions. To call A Nightmare on Elm Street a cult film is an understatement. While it does have that status it is also so cemented into mainstream Hollywood that it is one of those horror movies of such strong appeal to moviegoers for its visual style and entertainment value that its popularity is not unlike that of movies like Star Wars, Back to the Future,  Terminator, or Ghostbusters despite belonging to a genre so often snubbed by critics and rendered controversial by audiences.
Whenever this movie is mentioned a number of classic moments immediately come to mind: Nancy in the bathtub, Glen sucked into his bed, Tina pulling Freddy’s face off, or the scene where Freddy penetrates the walls of Tina’s bedroom. A Nightmare on Elm Street is not just a cult film, it is an iconic film. There isn’t a kid or youngster who doesn’t know who Freddy Krueger is. He is like Darth Vader or Mario. He’s a pop culture icon who helped reshape American entertainment in the 80’s.
Like or hate this movie; its influence is undeniable.

Max’s day

Contributor: Skyler Holmes

Max-*Walking into the school*
she instantly sees her best friend Jessica.*

Jess-Hey max hows it going?

Max-Same shit different day. How about you?

Jess-*Wrapping her sleeve around her hand* could be worse I guess.

Max-you didn’t,did you?

Jess-Only a little…

Max-Jess why didn’t you talk to me?

Jess-Can we please not talk about this right now?

Max-Fine but we are talking about it.

Jess-Ok but we should both get to class

*Then Addie pushes Max out of her way*

Max-What the fuck Addie!

Addie- Oops *covering her smile with her books* Im such a cluts.

Max-Fuck you

Addie-Watch it, im not afraid to tell my dad and he’ll kick you out in a heartbeat.

Jess-Don’t max she’s not worth it.

*Max picking herself and her books off the ground*

Addie-Here let me help you With that.

*Addie leans over and spills her ice coffee all over Max. then starts to walk away with her 3 friends that have accumulated over the conversation*

*Jess can see the anger in maxes eyes*

Jess-Don’t max…please.

*Just as fast as she can Max gets up and runs after Addie. When she catches up she grabs her by the hair and slams her head against the wall repeatedly*

*Jess knowing things are about to get bad runs over to help max but even then there still out numbed 4-2*

*Jess elbows one of the preps then jumps on the other*

Max-Still wanna be a bitch? *while still swinging Addie by her hair*

Unknown-HEY!!! Knock IT OFF!

*MR.Clay runs after the girls while yelling for help from the office*

*after a few seconds the secretaries from the office come running and it takes all 3 of them to pull the girls apart*

Mr.Clay-you 3 office now! You 2 *pointing to Max and Jess don’t move*

*a few minutes go by and then the principle steps out of the office and walks the girls down to his office.*

Principle Walker- So tell me what happened.

*Both girls start yelling*

Principle Walker- whoa whoa whoa one at a time lady’s. Max why don’t you start.

Max-Your bitch daughter knocked my shit out of my hand then dumped her Fucking coffee on me!

Principal Walker-Watch your mouth!you will have respect in my office and my school!

Max- maybe I wouldn’t have a Fucking attitude if you did your job!

Principle Walker-That’s it 3 day suspension plus whatever comes out of this mess toady.

Max-Of course how dare a student stand up for themselves!

Principle Walker-It’s not about standing up for yourself it’s about your attitude. Now detention I’ll call you down after this mess is dealt with.

*the girls stand up and walk to detention walking through the hall*

Max-you didn’t have to get involved i had it handled.

Jess- are you Fucking kidding me what was I to do. Just sit there and watch 3 girls kick your ass?

Max-But now your going to be kicked out to.

Jess-Max really we both know my mom’s gonna be to drunk to do anything.

Max-Your probably right

Jess-Hows your dad going to react?

Max-I don’t know I hope I can talk my mom into not telling him.

Jess-think so?

Max-yeah I’m gonna text her when we get to detention.

*The girls walk in the room together and see only one other person, And a sleeping teacher. They set there things down and Jess pulls out her phone while max dose nothing*

Max-that guy over there is kinda creeping me out


Max- hey *snaps* Jess Jess!!!

Jess-what… Sorry I was, focused.

Max-that guy in the front he’s creeping me out.

Jess-what why? He hasn’t said a word to you.

Max-he just looks dangers and scary

Jess-oh come on look I’ll go talk to him

Max-No don’t…stop*whispering* jess get the fuck back here

*jess walks up to the unknown guy ignoring Max*

Jess-hey I’m Jessica*she sits down and starts to have a conversation*

*a few minutes pass and the phone rings waking the teacher*

Yes….ok…..yes sir

Teacher-Max Chambers office you’ll be heading home.

Max-Well see ya jess I’ll text you before my dad gets home.

Jess-Sounds good honey.

*Max walks quickly to the office with no fear but that quickly comes to an end when she walks through the office doors*


Dan-Get in the car and don’t say a word!

*Max slowly walks to her father’s truck. They get in and take off.*

*About 5 minutes from the school*

Dan-what in the fuck were you thinking?

Max-She was being a bitch an *Dan reaches over and smacks her across the face*

Dan-I Don’t know what’s fucking gotten into you but that Fucking shit better fucking stop or im going to beat it the fuck out of you!

Max-your drunk why are you driving?

Dan-Im not fu…fucking drunk.

Max-you always act like this when you drink. I’m texting mom.

*Dan grabs her phone out of her hand and tosses it out the window*

Max-Dad what the hell!!!

Dan-You just got kicked out your, lucky I don’t toss you out. An guess what.*he reaches in the back seat pulling up a bag* this morning I felt bad about breaking your laptop but guess what.*Dan pulls a brand-new laptop from the bag then throws it out the window.* now when you get to the house you go to your room and shut the fuck up or I promise I will beat the holy fuck out of you.

Max-I hate you!

Dan-Dose it look like I give a fuck?

Max-I can’t wait to leave

Dan-Same her, same fucking here

Another Run At The Wall

Don’t push me in the dirt, I’ll make you regret every bit of blood you spilled. Those lies you told the congregation, like a library filled with dirty old books that no one reads anymore. I had a feeling it would come to this, can you feel the blade piercing your side as the pain sets in nice and slow. Slicing forward and true, you edged out in mere seconds from a pathway of malice. The air smells of death and Iron, like a clasp of steel tones creeping inside and yelling for help. You were a devil, yet still unwilling to favor in front of your sinful ways. Could there be any strongholds in your wake, making sure you could not pass through. I asked you once, you glanced in the opposite direction in swift danger.


Rebels Consciousness Founder Creator and Contributor

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